Errors & Omissions (E&O)

Errors & Omissions Policy (E&O)

AMC provide Error & omissions policy for an institution, nursing home, hospital, diagnostic centre etc.

1. What is it?

Medical Establishment Insurance is also known as Errors and omissions policy. It includes an institution, nursing home, hospital, pathological lab, diagnostic centre etc along with the staff members, covers the liability of the institution in the event it being made party to the case separately.

2. Who does it Cover?

Both qualified and unqualified staff is covered under this Policy. Many Nursing home owners have a perception that since he or she is the owner of the establishment and a personal PI policy is in place, there is no need for taking this policy. But the fact of the matter is, that the medical establishment is considered to be a separate legal entity under the law and hence the protection afforded under the personal Professional Indemnity policy is not available to the “Establishment”.


Questions about Medical Establishment Scheme.

1. Which medical establishments are entitled for this scheme?


  Hospital/ Day care Centres

  Nursing homes

  CT and MRI centres

  Diagnostic Centres/Laboratories

2. Will the consultants attached to hospital/nursing home also be covered in this policy?

No. They have to take Individual professional indemnity policy so that if an individual damages will be covered.

3. The patient dies in the file incidence in the hospital, terrorist activity within the hospital/ nursing home premises will it be covered in this policy?

The E & O scheme provides cover for medical negligence only. Third party insurance or Umbrella policy of the NoAH will be able to provide cover for the above.

4. How will I get intimation for renewal ?

You will receive intimation by email, call, sms & whatsapp. You will also receive your renewal notice by courier at your registered address.

5. How to renew policy AMC E&O Policy?

Mode of payment accepted: All digital methods like Cheque, Debit & Credit cards, net banking, UPI, Wallet payment etc by using our AMC PI app. You can also directly transfer to AMC Bank account via NEFT / RTGS / IMPS. However, Cash payments are not accepted.

6. How to Login to the App?

Use your AMC Membership number as username ex. LM/M/0001 & password is your registered Mobile number. App Login link here.

7. What are the other benefits of the app?

Apart from easy renewal every year, AMC PI app also enables you to access your Indemnity receipt & certificate for the last 3 years.

8. How to give Claim intimation?

You will need to fill the proforma and send us via whatsapp or email along with other documents like case summary, complaint notice and insurance policy copies.

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