Health & Accident Policy (H&A)

Health & Accident Policy (Mediclaim)

AMC’s Comprehensive Health policy for its Members & Family members.

Our Motive - To provide easy & guaranteed help & guidance to all the Members with our Health & Accident Policy. Health Policy Must Not Be Negotiable. We have The Privilege of an Outstanding Health Policy for you and Your Family. Read On and for Those Not in Our Scheme Ask Yourself Why Have I Not Taken This Policy Yet?

1. What is it?

Exclusive Health Insurance (Mediclaim) policy for AMC Members & their family members.

2. Who all can I cover?

Our policy let's you cover yourself, Spouse, Kids, Parents & even Parents In-law.

3. Features/ Advantages

Fresh entrance: - up to 79 years without pre medical check-up

Pre-existing diseases covered.*

1 To 55 Years: - After 2nd Year’s in the scheme.

56 And Above: - After 3rd Year’s in the scheme.


1 To 55 Years: - No Co payment

56 And Above: - 10%

Health Sum Insured: 1 lakh to 15 Lakhs

Health CSI up to 15 Lakh.: Main Members / Spouse / Dependants below 60 Years of age

Sum Insured frozen up to 10 Lakhs only for Dependants 61 and above.

Room rent eligibility

1 Lakh to 4 lakhs: - 1% In Ward, 2% ICU

5 Lakhs and Above: 1.5% In Ward, 2.5% ICU

No loading.

Easy portability*

MRI, thallium scan, CT scan, mammography etc. and various Day care surgery / procedures reimbursed.

Lifelong renewals *

Final scrutiny of all claims is done by our committee, whose decision is final.

Congenital diseases treatment for correction of functional disability also covered.

Longer intimation & submission periods

Unique "Life Cover" for member up to the age of 60, in the scheme for more than 5 years and 10 years in H & A Scheme. *

No claim discount available.

Cashless facility available.

PA policy with weekly compensation up to Rs. 10,000/-


1. When are the Yearly Renewals?

AMC's Health & Accident Policy is due for all the members on 30th September of every year. The Policy period is set by default from 1st October to 30th September of the next year.

2. Bank Details for Payment?

Name - Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai.

Bank - Central Bank of India

Saving A/C - 3154804186

Branch - Andheri East

IFSC Code - CBIN0280595

3. AMC Policy is with which company?

AMC's H&A policy is a master policy with Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

4. Who is the TPA for this policy?

Paramount is the TPA for this policy.

5. How can I track my claim status?

You can track your current claim status with your registered mobile number in AMC with us with Paramount whatsapp chat bot. Send "Hi" to 9136972004, & choose a number that matches your enquiry.

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